Daniel Schukies

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Blender Animation Film


A Blender animation short film about two robots. They experimenting in a lab on board of a spaceship.


Into The Pixel Gamejam

Hunger Jump

You are a fat man thrown out by a zeppelin with a bunch of food. The goal is to eat as much as possible before hitting the ground.


Unreal Engine & Unity

Stomt Collect Player-Feedback

Collect more and better feedback from your players. And react to it! Players can direct feedback at the game by pausing the game.

2016 - 2017

VR Hackathon Stuttgart


We won the VR Hackathon! You as a dirty ol’ pirate has to rescue yourself from your sunken pirate ship.


Unity Game


In Leviathan you are an robot in a spaceship and the only one left. Your mission is to defend the ship until it arrives earth.


Stop-Motion Film

Schneckerich Nimmersatt

A claymation short movie about a snail called Schneckerich. Schneckerich grows and ends up eating the whole scene.


Virtual Reality and Games

Magic Marshmallows

Enter virtual reality as a wizard with Oculus Rift & Leap Motion. Carry out a magic duel by using your hands to cast spells.


Strategy Game


A Java based strategy game with logical operations. Place the right logic gates and defeat your opponents.